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5 Benefits of Playing Sports You Probably Didn’t Know

Fact check: Physical activity is good for you in so many ways. This is why well-structured sports are recommended in schools and communities. There are numerous benefits Sports can bring into one’s life.

Check out the top advantages of playing sports from the physical, psychological, and to the social aspects:

1)  Healthier Cardiovascular System

Heart, the most vital organ in your body, is muscle. Therefore, it needs to be worked out just like any other muscle. Regular exercise like cardio and lifting can help improve the overall health of your heart. The sports recommended to improve your cardiovascular system include: tennis, cycling and swimming!

2)  Weight Management

Did you know why runners are fit? It’s because running does not only burn calories, it also boosts metabolism, thus it helps a lot in managing weight.

The best active sports to lose weight are basketball, running, ice hockey and lacrosse. They’re fast-paced, intense activities which are good for burning calories.

3)  Improved Memory

How can sports improve the power of your memory? Physical activities can boost your memory indirectly and directly.

According to a study published in the Journal of Geriatrics Society, it was found out that playing chess showed the potential to enhance cognitive functions to the eldery. It helps manage cognitive processes such as memory, attention, and problem solving!

Any mental exercise is definitely better than none. Chess is one of the most popular board games to play for the elders, and has proven to improve one’s cognitive skills.

4)  Boost Your Self Confidence

Not only does sports make you physically well, but it also promotes your psychological health. Regular exercise can boost your self-esteem and help you gain confidence. Team sports like basketball are the best sports to play if you want to boost self-confidence, since playing in a group promotes leadership and can-do attitude!

5)  Helps You Perform Academically

If you are a student and you play sports, here’s some good news for you. While playing sports requires adequate time and energy, it will help you perform academically. The basic activities involved in sports such as memorization, repetition and learning, can definitely boost your thinking skills. All of which are directly relevant to academics.

So the next time you hear people say sports can distract you from doing school work, you can only laugh it off as you know the long term benefits!

Here’s the thing – exercise works for everyone. Well, literally may not be for everyone, but participating in any sports is always a good step in the right direction. You just need to know which sport you are made for, the one which fits your personality, and the one which fits your physical capability.

The advantages of playing sports do not limit to a certain age. Keep in mind that researchers conclude sports to be advantageous and it yields benefits for physical, social and mental aspects of a person’s life.

Which sports are you planning to play soon? How are you preparing for it?

Let us know in the comments!