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5 Sport Blogs Every Sports Enthusiast Should Follow in 2020

You probably landed in this article because you’re looking for the best blogs to subscribe to when it comes to sports. Well, look no further! In this article, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of sport blogs every sports enthusiast should follow this year!

There are several quality sports out there to bookmark, ranging from general sports sites that cover any sport topic to even sport-specific blogs dedicated to publishing posts about a certain sport. Our criteria? Here’s just the three of things that we take into consideration in choosing these sport blogs are as follows:

  1. how easy to use or navigate the site
  2. how reader-friendly the blog posts are
  3. how interesting the topics are

Without further ado, here goes the top blog sports of 2020!

The Bleacher Report

From football to fishing, basketball to MMA, The Bleacher Report is one the most trusted sources when it comes to sports. Talk about credibility – they now have over 6 million followers on Twitter!

The site provides you the best sport analysis and in depth articles from credible sports authors.

Bill Simons at ESPN.com

Who wouldn’t know Bill Simons? Bill Simons is an outstanding sports analyst with a very humorous approach in writing sports news. ESPN is pretty much an established channel where Bill Simons gives a bi-weekly column.


Football fans, unite! Squawka is probably best known to be one of the most reliable statistics and reporting resources when it comes to anything about football.

They are always on top of the news and the site gets updated daily with interesting videos and graphics.

Tennis Now

The go-to site of most tennis fans, TennisNow.com has become a worldwide popular tennis magazine. It’s the best resource for Tennis news, videos and podcasts.

If you want to play better at tennis, Tennis Now offers free tutorial and tips in their “instruction” section.

MMA Junkie

So what makes MMA Junkie special among other MMA blogs out there? For one, the site has a dedicated radio section, which makes it easier for MMA enthusiasts who love listening instead of reading.

Their news site offers the most updated MMA fights, rumours and even MMA players interviews.

If you’re tired of the same old sports channel you’re used to, these sports blogs may be something new, different and fun for you! Try to scroll the sites a bit and let us know which one is your favorite!

Think we missed something?

What are the best sports blogs you want to include in this list?

Let us know in the comments!